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Rest assured, I will continue trying to “look” smart.

Three things that are on my mind this Monday morning:

1. I’m headed back to the doctor’s office this morning because I just can’t shake whatever this junk is — perhaps still the “pre-flu?”  And no, I still don’t believe that’s a real condition.  Which leads me to this question: what will I do if I get the same nurse from last week’s naughty-word incident?  I am considering wearing my Starlite sweatshirt and carrying a couple of Bibles with me into the exam room.  If she has to give me another shot, I could offer to pray for her.  That way, when the needle goes in, I could shout “Hallelujah!” instead of a naughty word and my Christian-ness would be rescued.

2. Last night, when some Starlite leaders went into my office after our meeting, they saw my two diplomas hanging on the wall (just put them up yesterday).  I overheard the following:

“Wow, those diplomas make her look actually smart.”

3. And yet, their uplifting of my self-esteem continued as we went out for dinner last night.  While suggesting what I should wear on an upcoming umm….. date thingy event they got into a heated discussion about whether my hair should be straight or curly.  However, they were all able to agree that I should wear a pair of glasses as “They will make you look really smart, Amy Beth.  Trust us.”

Do I even need to follow-up with a comment?  Really girls?  Really

Grabbing my Bible(s) and heading out… I’ve got a nurse to apologize to yet again win for the Lord. 



Comment from Sister Seven
Time: February 25, 2008, 9:39 am

I hope you feel better.

Comment from Lauren Bayles
Time: February 25, 2008, 3:00 pm

I like it curly! =->

Comment from Amy Beth
Time: February 25, 2008, 5:00 pm

SS – Thank you!

M – We DID decide curly. Actually, I think ya’ll decided it for me. And yet now, it doesn’t even matter…

L – Thank you. :) You sound just like the other girls and you weren’t even there for the debate.

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