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Have you seen this pink puppy?

Internet, we have a problem.

Actually, Aviean has a problem which makes it my problem which, hopefully, will make it your problem too.

When Aviean was born, approximately eight years ago (no, I do not want to talk about the fact that she is growing up), she was given the Gund pink puppy pictured below.


It was named Jay, for reasons I still cannot understand.  Those of you who have been avid blog readers since the very beginning may remember that Jay went through a year long spell of being named Rose before returning to his roots as Jay.  Bonus points if you remember the fact that Jay / Rose was occasionally female and occasionally male, all dependent upon Aviean’s mood at the time.

When Aviean went shopping with a family member recently, Jay / Rose mysteriously disappeared in the parking lot of a local Wal-Mart.  Aviean’s mother has repeatedly tried to find Jay / Rose, I have tried to find Jay / Rose, etc. but alas, he / she has not been turned in by a good citizen.  This has resulted in some tears and gnashing of teeth, as you can imagine.  Aviean’s very upset as well.

After being disappointed by EBay, Amazon and all of my other typically reliable sources, I have determined that Jay / Rose has been replaced with a newer model called “My First Puppy.”  Aviean’s mother got her one and, while Aviean does call it Jayette (I am not joking), she is still quite upset about the lack of an original Jay / Rose.

And so, internet, I am turning to you in my time of need.  This has happened to us once before and, back then, you sleuths were able to help me find a back-up Jay and I’m hoping we can make it happen again. Do any of you happen to have an original Gund pink puppy in your toy chest that you might be willing to part with for an exchange of some cold hard cash?  Here are some photos I’ve been able to find from my archives of the puppy in question:

JaySnow JaySnowbunny JaySnowClose

Jay, Rose, Jay / Rose, Jayette, Aviean and I are deeply indebted to you for your time and attention to this matter.


Comment from April
Time: August 22, 2013, 5:33 pm

Oh goodness, we’ve been through this with our boys. Luckily our boys’ “Floppy” can be bought/shipped cheaply on Amazon (at least for now though right?)

Is this the puppy you’re looking for?

Good luck!!


Comment from whitney
Time: August 24, 2013, 9:49 pm

AB, have you checked Carters? I have seen blue ones there.

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